Transforming Grace 轉化的恩典


U.S. Version: January 28 – March 4, 2019. Links to video lectures will be sent out weekly on Mondays. The lectures may be viewed multiple times at your convenience, and you will retain access to the lectures after the course is over. There will be an online forum for discussion with the instructors and fellow students. The forum will remain open until March 10.

Individual Tuition: $120 US dollars per student

Group Rate: Groups of 5-10 may register for a flat fee of $500 total. Please elect a group facilitator, who would register for the entire group. Group facilitators will be responsible for gathering the group for discussions, and will receive group facilitation notes accompanying each lecture. Facilitators will also have access to Allegra’s pastors to ask any questions. Please register as two separate groups if the number of people exceed 10 (including the facilitator).

After registration, please proceed to the “Give” page to pay your tuition.


臺灣版(中文字幕):2019年一月二十一日 – 二月二十五日。每星期一,您將收到講課的影片連結。影片可以隨時播放,並可以重播。整個課程結束後,您還是可以繼續重播這些影片。聽課之後可以在網上的討論版與老師和同學討論課堂的内容。討論版將開放至三月十日。

單人學費:新臺幣 $3330 NTD

團體價:五到十人一同注冊,總共新臺幣 $14000 NTD(價錢不因人數而改變)。團體注冊時請選出一位組長,並請組長代表全組注冊。組長需負責聚集組員來討論課程的内容。組長每周將會收到老師寫的討論指南,並且可以聯絡 Allegra 的牧師詢問任何問題。若包括組長超過十人,請分成二組分別注冊。



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