Message from the Pastor

Dr. ​Elaine Saville


Hello Beloved of God,

I am delighted you are reading this as it gives me an opportunity to explain the focus of our ministry: "Passion for God, Compassion for People." 

Jesus told us to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves. First and foremost, our ministry embodies a commitment to developing an ever-expanding and deepening intimacy with God, both personally and corporately. We value prayer, worship, the Word, and communing with God in any way that draws us into His heart of love (I Jn 4:16). 

As we embrace God’s love for ourselves (I Jn 4:19), we are healed (Psalm 34:18-19) and able to know our true identity as the “Beloved of Go." We then overflow with love for others (I Jn 4:7).

A deep experience of selfless, unconditional love translates into non-judgmental attitudes and actions that express the heart of God in tangible ways, especially those outlined in Isaiah 61:1-4. 

Many people are praying for an outpouring of God's glory. If we want to see this realized, we need to love God passionately, accept Divine love as God’s heart for us, and love others with an unquenchable determination.

I pray you will join us as we share our passion for God and love of people.

In His Love,

"Mama Elaine"


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