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Allegra International Fellowship is a Christian community whose mission is to individually and collectively: live the Great Commandment, fulfill the Great Commission, establish Kingdom culture locally and globally, and activate others to do the same.

We Envision:

Ourselves as living the Great Commandment: Matthew 22:35-40, Eph. 4:1-3.

Individually and collectively, we are actively teaching, living, and modeling the Great Commandment. We are in intimate partnership with God, experiencing wholeness, transformation, and empowerment, as we grow in the knowledge of our identity in Christ, and genuinely loving all people.

Our ministry fulfilling the Great Commission: Mark 16:15-18.

People were drawn to Jesus because of His extraordinary love, His radically life-changing teaching, and the powerful signs and wonders He performed. We see thousands coming into a dynamic, life-changing, relationship with God as we imitate Jesus, teach by the “Spirit of Wisdom,” and demonstrate Divine love in powerful, miraculous ways.

Kingdom Culture Established Worldwide: Matthew 6:9, 10, Col. 1:13.

We envision our ministry linked with a network of “culture changers” who share a common commitment to establish global cultural shifts. These shifts will result in a radical alignment with the Kingdom of Heaven’s culture, and the establishment of it as the predominate world’s system.

Providing platforms for Activating Servant Leaders: Eph. 4:11-13.

We declare that we are a fellowship and Bible college that encourages, equips and activates servant leaders to minister locally and worldwide. We emphasize ministering in power and authority, and in ways that honor an individual’s unique temperament, gifting, and calling.

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