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Chaplain Kae Seth

Board Member (Allegra International Fellowship)

Kae serves as a board member of Allegra International Fellowship, as well as a chaplain with Nursing Home Ministries of Oregon. She is on a worship and intercessory prayer team and has served in prison ministry. From 1991-2014 Kae served as president on the board of the American Council for the Blind in Oregon.
After earning a B.S. in corrections, Kae continued her education at George Fox Evangelical Seminary, with Ministerial Studies as her major interest. Kae says that her guide dog, Caddy, is part of the ministry team. One of his many jobs is to be an “ice breaker.” Tony (her husband), Caddy, and Kae enjoy life in Vancouver and are active members of Walnut Grove Community Church. Kae’s passions are dogs, reading, baseball, and of course, the Lord.

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